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About Us

MixRent is established by a group of engineers who are passionate about making renting a home easier. We feel that there are a lot of sources and information on the internet which can be confusing and complicated to search; there is no efficient search engine. That is why we have created a vertical search engine to make sorting through the information simpler. Our goal is to systematically organize all the rental information on the internet and help renters find the ideal housing space as quickly as possible.

MixRent is committed to collecting regional rental information to provide the most immediate and thorough rental information to its users. By entering information and keywords such as district, street address, or the name of a MRT station, MixRent can find rental properties and use algorithms to fine-tune your search results. In 2014, it started in Mandarin-speaking countries with MixRent Hong Kong and MixRent Taiwan. Since its establishment, it has accumulated more than 100 million data searches, helping millions of renters find their new homes. We hope to continue growing and become the most used rental search engine in the future.

If you have any questions, comments or cooperation proposals for MixRent, please feel free to contact us by using the Contact Us form.